{DIY} Stuffed Rabbit Toy Made Out of Toilet Paper Rolls

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Do you have a bunny that likes toys and treats? All in one? This do it yourself treat rabbit toy will have your new rabbit going nuts.

Rabbits need to be able to chew on toys to keep their teeth trimmed down. If you don’t supply your rabbit with anything to chew on, their teeth can become overgrown.

Toilet paper rolls have many uses, including a cute rabbit toy!


Get out all your supplies (apple, toilet paper roll, and scissors).

Step 2

Squeeze in the ends of one side of the roll. Keep the other end open so you can stuff your fruits/vegetables inside.

Step 3

Pinch in the sides of your toilet paper roll and cut small holes in it. Be careful not to cut too large of holes so that the fruit/vegetable pieces don’t fall out easily.

Step 4

Stuff in any type of edible rabbit vegetable/fruit or treats. If you want a reference of proper vegetables/fruits to feed your rabbit, check out my list post on every vegetable/fruit that is safe for rabbits.

Step 5

Fold in the other end of the roll after you stuffed your new toy full of goodies for your rabbit. When you have dont that then serve!


There is no way in doubt that your bun will NOT love this new rabbit toy.

Toilet paper roll have one too many uses, that is why I try to keep all of mine to make into toys for all my rabbits!

DO you make DIY rabbit toys?

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