Rat Pack Snack Sheet for Pet Rats

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When people think of a rat, most of them say “ew” or “gross”. Contrary to myths, domesticated rats are healthier than the wild rats and very seldom carry any type of disease.

I have heard one too many times people dismiss rats as some kind of rodent that belongs in a sewer.

As someone who works at a pet store, my goal is to educate our clients on the proper care for animals.

Rats are similiar to humans in a lot of ways. Which means they can eat a lot of different human foods.

They don’t just eat packaged rat food you buy at your local pet store or order online.

These intelligent critters should have fresh foods off of the list below everyday. They can even have left overs off your dinner plate!

I have also heard of a few people feeding their rat a strict raw diet. Which is perfectly healthy for them, just like it is for dogs and cats.

My 3 dumbo rat boys LOVE pease, beans and just about any vegetable.

They love to eat, and most of the times if we have left overs that are getting tossed. I will give them some.

Rat Pack Snack Sheet

Click the image below or the link above to go to this wonderful printable waiting for you!

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