Rachael Ray Soup Bones Product Review

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It’s already almost mid-march and this year has been so very busy and hectic. I haven’t gotten around to many product reviews lately.

With kids being sick, the boss out of town and much work at home to get done; it’s been busy busy.

But now that I’ve gotten myself back on track with schedules I’m starting March off with Rachael Ray’s Nutrish Chicken Flavored Soup Bones from my favorite online pet supply store Chewy.

Let’s Talk Soup Bones

These dog bones are full of natural ingredients and contain no corn or soy. 

Most dogs are not able to properly digest corn, at least most of the dogs I have owned have never had corn in their diets. 

This product is made with real chicken and veggies, easy to digest and a great snack for your fur-baby.

The bones are soft on the inside so it’s perfect for smaller dogs too! Champ (our Chihuahua) will only eat soft treats or bones (except for pigs ears). 

They were easy for him to chew and lasted him a long while. Maggie on the other hand had too much fun with the bones and had them gone within 5 minutes. 

Soup Bones make great treats for small, medium, or large dogs. 

Put these bones on your next shopping list to give your pup an easily digestible, soft, corn and soy free treat!

Where can you purchase these?

You can purchase them below for a great price of $5.60 below by just clicking on the image!


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