Pros and Cons of Retractable Leashes

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Thinking about buying a retractable leash? Take a look at the pros and cons before deciding to buy one of these!

I (personally) do not like retractable leashes. In my experiences they haven’t worked for me. I loved how they gave my dog more freedom.

But I didn’t like how my dog became a victim to another dog’s aggressive behavior due to being on a longer leash that allowed him that freedom.

Freedom (for me) came at a price that I am not willing to pay again.

Don’t worry, my boy is still alive because I was fortunately able to pull him back fast enough. But next time I might be so lucky.

These pros and cons might be able to help you decide on whether or not you want to use these leashes.

What is a retractable leash? A contraption with a long cord wound up around a spring device, covered with a plastic cover. They are suited to fit comfortably in a human’s hand.

Retractable leashes are more popular and trendy but I don’t think people realize just how big of a problem they can cause.

In 2007 there were 16,564 hospital-treated injuries associated with leashes. A majority of these injuries were sustained from using retractable leash then resulting in cuts, burns and even finger amputations.

Top THREE Reasons to Refrain from Buying a Retractable Leash

  1. Retractable leashes can pose serious injuries to your dog’s neck and spine. Next time they bolt after a rabbit and it jerks them back when they reach the end of the rope it can become a serious injury to his neck or even spine. Which will then result in an emergency vet visit, hefty bills, or even euthanasia.
  2. They often lead to burns, cuts and even amputations. The cord can get tangled up in the dogs legs, your legs, and even your fingers/hands.
  3. A majority of owners have no serious control over their dog when they use retractable leashes. A dog on a longer leash is more likely to get attacked by other dogs, get into trouble, or hit by a car than a dog on a standard six-foot flat leash.

Top THREE Reasons to Buy a Retractable Leash

  1. These leashes can be more flexible for owners and dogs who like more freedom when on long walks.
  2. The handles tend to be comfier than your regular leather, nylon, or cloth leashes.
  3. Retractable leashes can be a savior during bad weather. It’s pouring rain outside and your dog needs a potty break. They allow you to stand beneath a porch to seek shelter while your dog can venture out and do his business.

With what you read today, do you still want to purchase a retractable leash?

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    What a great post, thank you. Some very good points to consider and discuss with one’s vet!

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