Product Review: Vetri Lysine Plus Chews

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I got this kitten when she was about 5 weeks of age. When she was found the kitten had puss beyond belief in her eyes. Even after I got her cleaned up her eyes stayed crossed.  And Chewy was offering such goodies to hopefully help her!

Chewy was offering this product on their Influencers email list this August I had to try them to help my poor cat. Since nothing in the past has ever helped clear up her eyes, I wanted to give it a shot.


I received these goodies free of charge from in an exchange for my honest review

When my package first arrived at my door the Lysine Chews were the first to be opened! I couldn’t wait to get them out and try them.

I took the package out and ripped it open, well all three cats come running at crinkly bags opening. Even though these were specifically for my cat with eye problems, I had laid down a couple for each cat.

Needless to say, the other two cats LOVED them. But the cat I specifically ordered this product for resentlessly rejected them.

I didn’t feel like forcing her to eat them because she’s already a little ‘not there’. Unfortanately these won’t be on my list to order again due to the fact the cat that actually needs them, won’t eat them.

But! On a brighter note, my other two cats devoured them and absolutely almost ate the whole bag.

For anyone who wishes to try this product on their feline friends you can find it for a fair price of $11.75 here.

Now I can’t wait for our goodies for the month of September. Definately going to order something that I KNOW ALL my pets will love.

Thank you to for once again allowing Life on Four Paws to be a part of your influencers!

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