Sassy’s Rough Start + Chewy Review

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Sassy is my ‘special’ cat.

She was found at the age of roughly 5 weeks old by a lady in an alley behind our local runnings. The girl messaged

me on facebook and asked if I could take her.

Everyone in my town knows I work at the local pet store, where we do a lot of rescue. So she knew to message me, and of course when she asked I couldn’t turn the kitten down.

When she brought the kitten to me her eyes were glued shut with dried on puss. I had to get a warm cloth and gently wipe her eyes to get it all off.

I would have to put ointment in her eyes 2 times a day and in the mornings they were still closed shut with puss. It took nearly 4 weeks for her eyes to start getting better.

Even now that it has been a full year she still gets crusties in her eyes and she is cross eyed.

I received this item free of charge from in exchange for my honest review.

Chewy had some lysine cat chews that support immune, eye and resiratory health. They are supposed to help eye health and I hoped they would help Sassy.

However, my highest doubts were that she wouldn’t eat them cause she is a finicky eater. And I was right! Though my 2 other cats who don’t have eye issues ate them I couldn’t get Sassy to even touch them.

The only treat I have found that she likes is dairy flavor temptations.

After my other two cats began eating these I could definately tell a difference by the shine of their coats. Even though I got these treats for Sassy, the other two had use for them. It kept their coats shiny and luxious.

You can find these Vetri Lysine Chews here for a good price of $11.80 for 90 bite sized chews.

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