Product Review: Chewy Timothy Hay Stackers

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A rabbit’s diet conists of 80% fresh hay, 10% pellets, 5% fresh greens/veggies, and 5% treats (without dairy). So when Chewy was offering the Hay Stackers for influencers, I had to jump at them!

Check out Stewie’s pawsitively honest review below!

We received these goodies free of charge from in an exchange for our honest review.

We are excited to announce our Timothy Hay Stackers have arrived in the mail. Granted we are a tad bit late on this post. Here it is!

Stewie, along with his other 7 bunny neighbors, got to try their very first Hay Stackers! As you can see above, Stewie loved the box at first.

When I initially opened the Chewy delivery box I loved how neatly it came. The box wasn’t bent out of shape at all, which means the hay inside stays nicely packed.

All of my rabbits live outdoors, so I originally took the package out and set it in with Stewie. He sniffed the box and fooled around with it while I grabbed some cute shots of him.

After I finally opened the box for him and took out one of the stackers, he went completely nuts.

I loved how the hay stacks were tightly compressed and didn’t make much of a mess taking them out of the package. Not that it matters cause he just made a mess of it anyways.

But for someone who is opening this item inside, only a few flakes of hay fell from it. Which is what I loved!

Something even better? ALL of my rabbits (besides Miss. Molly cause she’s pregnant and picky) loved the hay stackers. Regardless to say, all the stacks where gone that same day.

My overall review of the Timothy Hay Stackers from Chewy? YES YES and YES. I will definately be ordering these again in the future.

You can order your Timothy Hay Stackers from Chewy for a great price of $9.99. Order now!

Thank you Chewy!

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