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A rabbit’s diet consists of 80% hay, 10% fresh fruits/veggies, 5% treats and 5% pellets. Not many people will follow the proper diet of a rabbit.

Rabbits are highly misunderstood animals, quite like the betta fish. They are not a ‘caged’ animal and need plenty of room to run and get exercise. Also, they need plenty of toys to chew on so their teeth don’t get overgrown.

We were pretty excited to try out these timothy hay stackers from Chewy

When I had my Holland Lop buck, Stewy, he was the first to try these. This little guy used to love his hay! And toys.

He was very photogenic and loved getting his picture taken. Stewy here was litter box trained almost to perfection.

The hay stackers are a compressed hay in the box and it makes for easy feeding. They were easy to just pull right out of the bag they were contained in.

Stewy was very interested in the box as you can see to the left. He was a very curious little bun.

He absolutely loved the hay stackers and so did all the other bunnies I had at the time I recieved this item!

You can get this item on Chewy for an easy price of $8.99!

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