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It’s September!

The kitties always know exactly what time it is when I crack open their cans. Of course Chewy was offering the Purina Pro Plan Kitten Variety Pack and I had to cause well, I KNOW my cats would give it a paws up.

The ‘trio’ only really like patte types of wet cat food and this was perfect!

As you can tell by the pictures they are literally obsessed with canned food. Normally they only get one can (they split the whole can) at night before bedtime to ensure all 3 of them are inside and home at the end of the night.

All three of them jumped up immediately after I laid out their bowls. Usually I have to put them up on the counter to eat cause my dogs will steal their food but I kept watch the whole time.

Emma is my big girl. She weighs about 20 pounds and is aging to 6 next May. I really can’t believe I have had Emma for pretty much her whole life already. Time goes by so very fast!

Maverick here is my special boy. We have to have him on a strict no-grain diet now. I was feeding him Sensitive Skin and Stomache from Hill’s but the last two bags I have gotten have been making him throw up now.

He’s had stomache sensitivity issues his whole life. And part of me thinks it’s just the Ragdoll breed that has problems (yes he is a purebred Ragdoll).

Although, the Pro Plan Wet Kitten food didn’t even have any effect on Maverick’s issues and I enjoy a food that doesn’t make me pick up puke 5+ times a day.

Lastly we have Sassy, a sweet girl who doesn’t get enough of the wet food cause Mr. Marverick the Pig steals it when he is done with his.

You can find the Pro Plan Kitten Variety Pack Here for a good price of $11.20, but it’s $10.64 if you start the autoship.

#disclosure: This product was sponsored by Chewy in exchange for our honest review.


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