Rescue Dogs + Their Honest Review

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I know we are LATE! This was due to my crazy work schedule and all the rescues we have been taking in. But we got it done!

I received this item free of charge from in exchange for my honest review.

Chance and Tyson were the first two to try the Boo Bars, and being rescues they technically will eat anything you offer them.

They loved them!

However, I have a little Chihuahua at home who does not like hard treats. Unfortanately he is very picky.

First up is Tyson! He came to use skin and bones. He was a stray for a whole YEAR before someone finally brought him in.

He was barely covered in fur he had mange so badly over the years. The vet had stated his mange was dead already. Which is good!

Within a week we had this big boy adopted out to a family whom I met in Bismarck for pickup. They got him into their own vet and he is on his way to recovery.

Now, back to the treats! provides such wonderful items to choose from and Tyson here was so grateful for the Blue Buffalo Treats!

He scarfed them down without even tasting them, that is how good they were. Or at least that’s what I think cause he came begging back for more.

Now, Chance was a different story when we wanted to give him one of the Boo Bars as well.

He sniffed it, licked it, sniffed it again, whinned like a baby and sat patiently.

Chance wouldn’t eat it unless I offered it to him by extending my arm towards him in order for him to take it.

He loved it and wanted more!

Mr. Chance was a rescue as well who had pretty bad mange. But now he is living the life of O’Riley with a young couple who have time for him.

What We Liked

• The taste

• The hard crunchiness of the treats

• More treats like boo bars

What We Didn’t Like


What great news right? I think so too! We loved the treats and will hopefully be ordering more in the future.

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