RECIPE: Fozen 3 Ingredient PB + Banana

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Does your dog love peanut butter? How about some bananas? I have this amazing recipe of treats to share with you guys today that your Fido will LOVE! I know mine do.

This only takes 3 ingredients, ten minutes to make, and four hours to freeze.

When making these you can either use silicon molds. Or you can use ice cube trays.

But if you really want to get creative and make different shapes you can go with silicon dog bone molds.

What You Will Need:

2 ice cube trays (or molds)

1 cup peanut butter

2 bananas

1 cup water


  1. Cut your bananas into smaller pieces so that they will fit in your food processor
  2. Scoop your peanut butter and water into the processor and pulse until the mixture is creamy
  3. Slowly pour your new mixture into your molds or trays
  4. Freeze for 4 hours at the minimum
  5. Feed treats to your dogs for a delicious and cooling snack.

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