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Where do I even start? My fur family consists of a large amount of… fur.

Let’s get started!


Champ is my little man. He’s hands down mama’s boy. Growing up I had Chihuahuas all my life and when I moved out of my home I told myself I would never own another one.

What happened? I bought one from the place I worked at right after moving to my new town.

He was the smallest little guy when he was a baby. Granted her still only weighs 8 pounds.

Champ has been with me since 2012 so he will be 5 in November, 2017.

Maggi, our newest furry addition to the dog tribe. She’s a Vizsla/Labrador cross.

She loves hunting. Hates water. And loves to run.

This girl can go non stop all day and still not be tired. She has so much energy is crazy!

I originally got her for my Fiance to have a hunting dog. But she is ultimately a lap dog.

She is 1 year ols this past October, 2017.


Maverick is our Ragdoll. My grandma has a litter of purebred Ragdoll kittens and I got the pick of the litter.

Of course, I chose the runt. Now? He’s a beautiful large feline who prides himself by licking his privates in the middle of our kitchen floor.

He’s almost 4 years old and loves canned food almost as much as I love nutella.

Mavvy (for short) loves to parade outside and sit atop our porch to overlook the desserted street we reside near.



Emma Jo. She is the first pet I ever got on my own. I got her from an ads classified in Bismarck. She has been with me since May, 2012.

She was a wee tike when I first got her and she has grown to be a large feline!

Emma likes to bring in birds and let them loose in my house for me to catch. Her and Maverick are like best of friends.

This girl will be 6 in April, 2018.


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