Instagram Bunnies You Need to Follow in 2018

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Instagram is full of animals with their own accounts. Especially Instagram Bunnies. They are cute, fashionable and straight up professional for little buns.

I for one love scrolling through Instagram and searching for new pet people to follow! Cause why not fill my feed with cute animals? 

I rounded up a list of some of the top Instagram bunnies to follow in 2018. 

Ginny Rabbit has some of the cutests posts! Her bunny has a permanent head tilt but that doesn’t phase her fame at all!







Paisley Daisy Bun is a small Holland Lop living her life in Canada. Her photos are stunning and she always has something going on in her busy little bun life.

The Gentle Bun a small Holland Lop named Albert (Alby) who loves to wear bowties and cute costumes. He is cute, fuzzy and somebun you should follow in 2018.

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