7 Health Benefits of Grooming Your Cat

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Cats naturally groom themselves but sometimes they can’t reach places. Or they are too obese to clean hard to reach areas of their bodies.

I have one Ragdoll breed cat and then one long-haired Domestic cat. Maverick (my Ragdoll) is the one that needs most of the brushing done.

Emma on the other hand doesn’t really shed and she doesn’t mat up, mainly because I give her a lion clip in the summer. And let her grow out in the winter.

My cats are part of the family, something a lot of people don’t understand. Same goes for my dogs and three Dumbo Rats (yes, rats).

It’s important to take care of your fur-babies like family too.


Health Benefits of Grooming Your Cat

  • When grooming your cat, it allows you to check for fleas or other parasites. This is beneficial to the health of your cat as well as the upkeep of your home. If you have fleas, you will need bomb your household and treat your fur-babies, both cats and dogs for fleas.
  • Allows you to check for skin abnormalities or any ear infections. If you have a cat that goes outside you might also want to check for ear mites.
  • Brushing your cat will reduce how much hair your feline swallows when he is grooming himself. This point is a big one for me as Maverick tends to get a lot of hairballs, then he throws up all the time.
  • Frequent grooming will help desensitize your cat to being handled and well-socialized. Me Emma girl loves attention but only from my fiance or myself. She’s not a social bug.
  • With long-haired breeds, grooming frequently can help tame the tangles and mats as well as prevent them from forming.
  • Grooming helps distribute the oils in the cat’s coat to help maintain the sleekness and beauty of his coat.
  • Your bond strengthens. Although, some cats completely hate grooming (like my Emma), it can still help build the bond between you and you’re furry feline.

As you can see, I got a lot out within the first few moments of brushing him.

And he was not a happy camper.

[bctt tweet=”If you neglect the grooming of your cat there can be serious and hurtful outcomes. Working at our local pet store here in town we have seen so many cats come in with complete mats. ” username=”BubblesnBabbles”]

I don’t mean the occasional matt here or there. I mean a full-out body matt. When grooming these kinds of cats, it is very hurtful to them as it pulls at their skin.

Do not neglect the grooming of your cat.

Normally, when I brush Maverick, it takes me maybe 15 minutes to do. It shouldn’t be that hard to find some time in your week to sit down and brush you fur-baby.

Looking for some good tools to use while grooming? Take a look below!
Conair Soft Slicker Brush – This brush is the best one that I have when I brush Maverick. It gets all of his undercoat and dead hairs out. He’s very good at laying there while I brush and this one makes it easier as it’s soft on his skin.

Small Animal FURminator – I do like this brush however, I don’t like it for Maverick as it doesn’t get much of the hair and it has a hard surface. Making it harder for me to brush him without scratching his skin.

Do you brush you cat often? What tools do you use? I always love hearing about new products that I can try!

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