24 Healthy Foods for a Great Kong Stuffer

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Kongs are both mentally and physically stimulating for your dog. As they try and work to get the treats/foods out of the Kong, they come up with new ways to do so.

There are a pretty large arrangement of Kong toys right now, here are some of the top choices:

A Fit Dog is a Happy Dog

Dogs are naturally active. Decendants from the wolves, they are always on the go and always want something to do. When owning a dog you don’t want them to become obese.

This can cause serious problems in the future, like thyroid problems, skin problems, and joint problems. After all we should treat them as a part of the family.

Eating healthy can also keep your dog fit. When it comes to the kind of foods you stuff in the Kong make sure it is healthy for them and not junk food. 

24 Healthy Foods to Stuff in a Kong

1. Sweet Potatoes

2. Raw Beef

3. Raw Chicken

4. Beans

5. Bananas

6. Peanut Butter (salt/sugar free)

7. Sprouts

8. Lamb

9. Salmon

10. Oats

11. Pumpkin (cooked)

12. Apple Slices

13. Yogurt

14. Carrots

15. Lettuce

16. Spinach

17. Cheese

18. Rice

19. Pears

20. Blueberries

21. Asparagus

22. Peas

23. Radish

24. Date Fruit

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