12+ Boredom Busters for Active Dogs

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Dogs are an active species. They love to run, play and bound about. Especially large breed dogs like our Maggie who is a Vizslador.

She is also so hyper and abundant that it’s hard to keep up with her 24/7. Having an active dog has given me a chance to research ways to keep her boredom at bay.

A Bored Dog May Become Destructive

Most dogs will become bored at some point in their life. Dogs who do get bored may become destructive as they find something to do.

Some dogs also get anxiety when bored. Keeping your dog busy when you notice signs of destructive behavior is important. Not only to you but also to your dog.

Dogs Need Jobs

Not only do you want to keep your dog mentally fit but also physically fit. For years dogs have always a job. Whether it’s hunting or weight pulling. 

If your dog does not have a job they can become bored. Even if it’s a simple job such as retrieving a toy.

12+ Boredom Busters for Active Dogs

Buy a Kong

Kong toys are a great way of mentally stimulating your dog. There are plenty of healthy treats to stuff inside of a kong for a great boredom buster.

Click here to get a list of healthy kong stuffers

Play Tug of War

Tug of war is a great mental and physical stimulation for both the dog and you. You can buy a tug toy here that is durable for power chewers.

Work on Obedience Training

Training your dog is a great way for both you and your pup to spend some spare time. You want a well-behaved dog and basic obedience should be taught to even the smallest of breeds. Some easy tricks you can work are are: sit, stay, lay down, or even roll over if you want something a little trickier.

– You can use these treats for great rewards

Try Your Hand at Clicker Training

Clicker training with your dog can be a little harder than just using verbal commands. It’s a lot of patience to get your pup to understand how the tool works. You only click the tool the moment your dog performs the wanted command.

Buy a Kiddie Pool

Most dogs are natural swimmers. On a hot day put out the kiddie pool (you can buy one here) and let your dog have some fun! This activity is also great for older dogs who have arthritis to help exercise their joints.

Get a Dog Puzzle

Puzzles are great for dogs to help with mental stimulation. It keeps them occupied at trying to find the treats. Most puzzles will have levels to it to make it harder for your dog. This one here is a level two puzzle for dogs.

Teach Your Dog to Clean Up Toys

If your dog already knows the term “drop it” this one will be fairly easy. Give your dog a toy and lead her over to her toy box. Once she is standing over it command her to drop it in. Continue this with each toy she has. It’s a great mental excercise for your dog

– Here is a cute fabric toy box 

Make Her Work for Her Food

This is mentally stimulating for your dog to try and get her food from a dispenser. Here is a ball dispenser to make your dog work even harder for her food. Or, you can even put treats in it.

Play Hide and Seek

If you have a search and rescue dog then this game may be a little too easy. Pick a room in the house and hide, softly call your dogs name or whistle to him and see if he can find you. This teaches the dog to use his nose when searching for you throughout the house.

Play a Game of Fetch

Fetch is one of the most played dog games between owner and pup. This is great for physical stimulation to work on some muscle toning. It’s also good excercise for your arms as well.

Here are a few great toys you can buy for a game of fetch:

Create an Outdoor Obstacle

An obstacle course is another great physical activity for your dog and yourself. Having your dog jump over some toys, weave around obstacles like trees and then laying in a certain place. Greate your own obstacle with just a few basci things you already have at home. Or buy a complete set here.

Go on a Doggie Play Date

Interacting with other dogs increases you own dog’s social skills. They get to play, chase each other and rough house. It’s both physically and mentally challenging for your dog. All the while you get to visit with friends and other dog owners.

Go for a Walk

Walking is physical fitness for you and your dog. If you are tired of going in the same direction, switch up your route everyday. Go to new places and explore new areas.

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