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Hooray, you have found our site! A place for four legged fur-babies and their humans can reside. Life on Four Paws is a blog dedicated to helping owners, new or old, learn something new everyday. While having a voice for the voiceless we also run our own rabbitry (in North Central South Dakota). You can click here to navigate to our rabbitry page.

Product Review: Chewy Timothy Hay Stackers

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A rabbit's diet conists of 80% fresh hay, 10% pellets, 5% fresh greens/veggies, and 5% treats (without dairy). So when Chewy was offering the Hay Stackers for influencers, I had to jump at them! Check out Stewie's pawsitively honest review below! We received these goodies free of charge from [...]

Raising Orphaned Rabbits: The Basics

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Did you find a nest of cottontails? Have a mother rabbit who won’t care for her kits? This guide will help you decide if they are orphaned and how to care for them. How to Determine if a Litter of Kits are Orphaned When determining if a litter of kits [...]

How, When, and Why to Start Puppy Socialization

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Did you decide to get a new puppy? Well now it's time to start socializing him before he develops any bad habits. This guide will help you through the stepping stones to puppy socialization. Puppy Socialization - the greatest window of learning in a dog's life.   When - Puppy socialization [...]

3 Ingredient PB + Banana Frozen Dog Treats

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Does your dog love peanut butter? How about some bananas? I have this amazing recipe of treats to share with you guys today that your Fido will LOVE! I know mine do. This only takes 3 ingredients, ten minutes to make, and four hours to freeze. […]

Round Up: 6+ Frozen Dog Treats this Summer

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IT'S SUMMERTIME and that means it's time to start freezing some delicious dog treats. These are an easy and quick way to keep your fur-babies cooled off in this heat. I don't know where you are form but this summer has been a sizzler and some of these treats have [...]

Pros and Cons of Retractable Leashes

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Thinking about buying a retractable leash? Take a look at the pros and cons before decided to buy one of these! I (personally) do not like retractable leashes. In my experiences they haven’t worked for me. I loved how they gave my dog more freedom. But I didn’t like how [...]

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