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The Best Gift Guide for New Puppy Owners

Puppies are a joy to have, to love and to spoil. But they can also be a handful and a lot of responsibility and work. It's almost like a full-time job. But the rewards are so worth it.  Whether it's you or a friend who is getting a new puppy then this gift guide is just for you! The Best Gift Guide for a New Puppy Owner 1 • Woven Square Collar 2 • Multi- Color Option 6" [...]

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24 Healthy Foods for a Great Kong Stuffer

Kongs are both mentally and physically stimulating for your dog. As they try and work to get the treats/foods out of the Kong, they come up with new ways to do so. There are a pretty large arrangement of Kong toys right now, here are some of the top choices: Large Basic Kong, Red Goodie Kong Bone, Red Extreme Kong Ball, Black Kong Wobbler A Fit Dog is a Happy Dog Dogs are naturally active. [...]

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12+ Boredom Busters for Active Dogs

Dogs are an active species. They love to run, play and bound about. Especially large breed dogs like our Maggie who is a Vizslador. She is also so hyper and abundant that it's hard to keep up with her 24/7. Having an active dog has given me a chance to research ways to keep her boredom at bay. A Bored Dog May Become Destructive Most dogs will become bored at some point in their life. [...]

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Rat Pack Snack Sheet for Pet Rats

When people think of a rat, most of them say "ew" or "gross". Contrary to myths, domesticated rats are healthier than the wild rats and very seldom carry any type of disease. I have heard one too many times people dismiss rats as some kind of rodent that belongs in a sewer. As someone who works at a pet store, my goal is to educate our clients on the proper care for animals. Rats are [...]

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7 Health Benefits of Grooming Your Cat

Cats naturally groom themselves but sometimes they can't reach places. Or they are too obese to clean hard to reach areas of their bodies. I have one Ragdoll breed cat and then one long-haired Domestic cat. Maverick (my Ragdoll) is the one that needs most of the brushing done. Emma on the other hand doesn't really shed and she doesn't mat up, mainly because I give her a lion clip in the summer. And let [...]

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How to Litter Box Train a Rabbit

  Rabbits naturally tend to urinate/defecate in the same place, most frequently a corner of sorts. There is always more to litter box training a rabbit than just placing a litter box in her cage. Do I need to spay/neuter her? If you are raising rabbits, then no. But if you have a house rabbit and would like your new companion to use a litter box, it is highly recommended to get them spayed/neutered. Female [...]

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Stuffed Rabbit Toy Made Out of Toilet Paper Rolls

Do you have a bunny that likes toys and treats? All in one? This do it yourself treat rabbit toy will have your new rabbit going nuts. Rabbits need to be able to chew on toys to keep their teeth trimmed down. If you don't supply your rabbit with anything to chew on, their teeth can become overgrown. Toilet paper rolls have many uses, including a cute rabbit toy! STEP 1 Get out all your [...]

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Bedding Choices for Small Animals

Some small pet owners tend to ignore the fact that their pet may be suffering by the bedding they have chosen. Although many small pet owners like to go the cheapest route. This route can cause problems such as urinary infections, respiratory problems and other health issues later on in your pet. It is important to make sure your pet has all the right needs to support a long and healthy life of happiness. So [...]

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